Savannah Birthday Adventures, So Many Things to Do

Published Jul 06, 2016

Savannah Birthday Adventures, So Many Things to Do | Savannah Dream Vacations

I recently celebrated my birthday in January and thanks to my Local Concierge VIP status and my Savannah Family and Friends, I had a Birthday I will never forget. I wanted to write this blog about my Savannah Birthday Adventures to share all of the fun that I had and to thank everyone for all of my wonderful gifts. If you did not know it was my birthday or knew it was my birthday and forgot to give me a gift, don’t panic. Luckily, I accept birthday gifts every day of the year, so you can make it up any time.

Wednesday January 22nd:
My Birthday Celebration Weekend started off with a Delicious BANG in City Market where I received my FIRST and FAVORITE Birthday Gift, A cooking demonstration with Chef Christopher Adgate at Belford’s Seafood and Steaks. BIRTHDAY GIFT #1

Savannah Birthday Adventures, So Many Things to Do | Savannah Dream Vacations

Chef Chris generous enough to invite me to this Belford’s Culinary Event where he eloquently demonstrated his master chef cooking skills by teaching us how to properly prepare the delectable three-course meal that he designed for us.

He definitely gave me the gift that KEEPS ON giving by teaching me how to cook an AMAZING recipe for Brussel Sprouts BIRTHDAY GIFT #2, and by allowing me the unbelievable experience of tasting his Orange Basil Sauce drizzled over a White Chocolate Cranberry Bread Pudding! BIRTHDAY GIFT #3

Belford’s is one of my favorite Savannah Restaurants but this was my first cooking demonstration with Chef Chris. I was very impressed by his knowledge and ability to lead the room and we all walked away with a lot of useful tips and information. As I tasted each course of the meal that Chef Chris prepared, I knew that this would be the best Birthday Meal of the entire weekend, and I was right. Thanks again to Chef Chris Adgate and Belford’s Seafood and Steaks for giving me my first 3 Birthday Presents of the weekend. (4 if you count the Belford’s Pen that I kept as a Sovenir. BIRTHDAY GIFT #4

Thursday, January 23rd ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!:
After work I met up with my friend Rebecca King from Savvy Savannah Tours who invited me to the Andaz Hotel who was hosting their monthly Art Salon Event featuring January’s Local Artist, Tiffany Taylor. I haven’t been to the Andaz since it was formally known as the Avia and I have NEVER eaten at the 22 Square Restaurant and Bar so I accepted the invitation with Glee. BIRTHDAY GIFT #5

Savannah Birthday Adventures, So Many Things to Do | Savannah Dream Vacations

Upon my arrival, I was introduced to Chef Lauren Teague, who was hard at work making sure everything was running smoothly from the kitchen. Chef Lauren explained to us that this bountiful farm to table display of food that she created was inspired by the Four Seasons which was depicted in the beautiful paintings and artwork that were on display around us. This was a very creative and well executed idea and I was more than happy to devour the delicious food and help myself to some red wine.

Savannah Birthday Adventures, So Many Things to Do | Savannah Dream Vacations

Unfortunately, I arrived late to the evening’s event (big surprise) and I missed Tiffany’s opening presentation explaining the concept of her Four Seasons Series Art Series; however, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk with her privately during the night. Tiffany was a sparkle of light, so excited to be a part of the Art Salon Event and thankful to be able to do what she loves for a living here in Savannah. Her signature Poppy and blissful colors are right up my alley and I must say this is Art that I would love to have hanging on my walls. During our conversation, I may have mentioned that it was my birthday and Tiffany graciously gave me a Signature Tiffany Taylor Bag, BIRTHDAY GIFT # 6

Thank you Rebecca King for escorting me to this lively celebration, Thank you to Chef Lauren for feeding my face with those WONDERFUL Summer Tomatoes and Thank You to Tiffany Taylor for my stylish new bag. I highly recommend stopping by to check out The Tiffany Taylor Gallery located in Savannah’s City Market on Whitaker Street and if you haven’t been to 22 Square Restaurant and Bar lately, you are missing out, (I was back within a week to eat again.) As a matter of fact, you should just check out the Savvy Savannah Tours Tapas and Libations Pairing and Tasting Tour and experience a variety of gourmet local cuisine.

After leaving the Andaz, my friends and I headed down to River Street to visit my Favorite Savannah Bar, Kevin Barry’s Irish Pub. After a Strongbow on Draft and some great conversation, we decided upon Garibaldi Cafe on Congress street as the destination for my birthday dinner. After all of the food that we ate at the Andaz, we were already pretty full but wanted to order some light fare from the menu. We ate a few appetizers and continued on with our merriment. Rebecca gave me BIRTHDAY GIFT #8 by picking up the tab and after dinner, we made our way to McDonough’s Bar for LIVE KARAOKE like you’ve never seen before. LOVE IT.

Friday January 24th;
Thank you to my awesome boss for giving me the day AFTER my birthday off to recover from the night before. BIRTHDAY GIFT #9

Saturday January 25th;
One of the best Massage Therapists in Savannah came to my house and gave me a neck and back massage. Thank you Manderly Arnold!! BIRTHDAY GIFT #10

Manderly offers in home Massage Therapy Services to our Savannah Dream Vacations Guests as well as local Savannah Residents. She has the Midas Touch – call her up.

Savannah Birthday Adventures, So Many Things to Do | Savannah Dream Vacations

My Manderly and Marcia Vs. Food partner in crime took me out to eat at B. Matthews Eatery for BIRTHDAY GIFT #10. She had a few gift certificates to theGas Light Group Restaurant which is one of my faves. It was Savannah Restaurant Week, and although their Three Course Menu looked delightful, we opted to order a la carte. The food was wonderful and we had a great time which was the perfect ending to my birthday weekend of adventure. THANK you Manderly for the Massage and the Dinner.

If you are looking for ways to celebrate your birthday in Historic Savannah Georgia, I’ve only scratched the surface of what you can do and see!

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