Visit Savannah

Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia. Each year Savannah attracts millions of visitors to its Historic District or the 22 beautiful parklike squares. We want you to offer some of our popular restaurants, attractions and events to provide you along with your planing.

Where to Enjoy the Game!

You may find yourself overwhelmed with all the things to do on a weekend in Savannah, but you
definitely don’t want to miss any NFL Playoff action on Game Days. When Savannah has some great
places to take in your favorite team crushing it on the field, you can’t beat the experience of being
surrounded by other fans, enjoying some delicious food and drink. So, let’s huddle up and check out
where to go!

At B & D Burgers on Congress Street you can watch the big game projected on to their huge wall in the
outside courtyard! Table service will get you something great off their huge selection of craft and
domestic beers and you should also nab some of their great eats. As a local favorite, B and D has great
burgers tailored to add some southern flavor so you can choose your favorites. They also have great
Game Day snacks like grilled buffalo chicken dip (!!!), pickle chips and fried green tomatoes. Located 209
West Congress Street, if they got your game on, you’re sure to run into some other major fans. The
largest benefit may be that you can watch the game on a huge screen outside so you can still enjoy the
amazing Savannah weather, day or night!


















Treylor Park on Bay Street also has the game on their indoor projector! In their main dining room, the
large projector screen takes up about a third of the dining room wall, making for great viewing at any
table. They have an additional TV screen at the front bar and also one in the back-bar outside! The food
at Treylor Park has been recently featured on the Travel Channel and their bar selection is off the charts
too. Recommending cocktails there is easy- get the Georgia Mule. Bourbon, Ginger Beer and Peach
Schnapps. I’ve started asking for that at bars all over, it’s that addicting. AND then you have to try some
PB and J Wings. Yes. That is correct. Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings featured here…















Trust me. Treylor Park is Located at 115 East Bay Street. They don’t take reservations so get there before
the game starts!

Or go somewhere on your own time so you can get … MORE SCREENS!!! Okay- your game not on? No
problem at Savannah Tap House. They have so many screens! You can even get a booth downstairs with
your table’s own screen to watch whatever game you want. But you won’t be bothering anyone if you’re
seated upstairs or at the bar because surely everyone is getting what they need. The food is crazy good
and inventive. Like the Cap’n Crunch Chicken Tenders. Honestly, I would go just for that. But you’ll also
have some great wings available with any sauce you could possibly want or (and I think this is amazing)
they have wings with dry rub, either Old Bay or Jerk. Also, pretty obviously, this is your place for draft
beer. Tons of selections. Savannah Tap House is located at 125 E. Broughton Street.


Well since you know where to go, you now must find out when to go. So here is a link to the NFL playoff
schedule. GO FLACONS! Or whoever.