6 Unique Things to Do in Savannah

Jun 19, 2018 | 2018, June, Things to Do Savannah

Everybody knows there’s lots of things to do in Savannah! But for the vacationer to Savannah that’s been here a few times and wants to try something new, we’ve put together this list of six unique things to do in Savannah that you probably haven’t done before!

Drive a Tank in Savannah

6 Unique Things to Do in Savannah | Savannah Dream Vacations

Did you know that you can drive an actual retired military tank on your next visit to Savannah?

Located near Pooler, GA 20 minutes from downtown Savannah, The Combat Zone has real military tanks available for the public to drive!

Featuring an FV432 Turreted APC, and an FV433 Armored Mobile Howitzer, The Combat Zone will let you and your family or friends operate and drive these real tanks around on their large track/obstacle course.

You can even rent both armored vehicles for a tank versus tank machine-gun paintball battle!

Enjoy Mini-Tank Paintball Battles!

If driving real tanks isn’t cool enough for you, we know you’ve never done this: The Combat Zone has the United States’ first and only mini paintball tanks ready for battle.

Visitors to Savannah can drive a scaled down version of a real tank that fires paintballs out of the cannon!

Adults and anyone older than 8 years old can engage in the mini-tank battles on the mini tank battlefield. Eight of the mini tanks are available for battle of teams of 4 versus 4.

The miniature paintball tanks run on tracks just like a real tank, and are controlled using two levers just like their larger relatives. But, again, and most importantly: The mini tanks fire big paintballs at each other out of the cannons!

For a truly unique (and affordable) experience that you’ll remember forever on your next visit to Savannah, check out these mini paintball tanks!

Glow in the Dark Paintball War

Night paintball is seriously fun. Full-auto military style machine guns fire glow in the dark paintballs at your opponents.

The outdoor paintball field is light up by flood lights and black lights, with fog machines to obscure your location, and that of your enemies. Participants are issued smoke grenades, and have to navigate obstacles and be on the lookout for trip-wire beacons that can give away their location.

Also, zombies. There are one or more zombies on the field looking for you, played by real actors! Watch out for and eliminate the zombies before they eliminate you!

Nighttime paintball at The Combat Zone is every night Thursday through Saturday. Reservations are required, so plan accordingly. Call (912)-675-9952 or click here for more info.

Take a Tour of Savannah in a Classic Convertible Caddy

If driving tanks or going into paintball battle isn’t your thing, next on our list of 5 unique things to do in Savannah is relaxing and upscale. How about a chauffeured tour around Savannah in a vintage Cadillac Convertible?

Classic Caddy Tours, located in Savannah, GA will pick you up in your choice of Cadillac convertibles. Choose either a jet black 1960 Cadillac convertible, or cherry red 1962 Cadillac convertible. Both vintage cars are super cool, and there isn’t really a more unique way to tour Savannah privately.

Your chauffeur, a Savannah local, can show you the hidden local gems that you won’t find on a bus tour, and will take the time to let you get all the selfies and photographs with the cars you can take.

When you look back at your photos and see how much fun you had touring Savannah in a classic Cadillac, you’ll definitely be glad you added Classic Caddy Tours to your list of unique things to do in Savannah!

To make a reservation, call 912-344-7882, or click here for 10% off!

Go Horseback Riding

For a less motorized unique experience on our list of things to do in Savannah, you can go ride horses! Black Ankle Farm and Equestrian Center is located in Bloomingdale, GA about 25 minutes from downtown Savannah.

Riders of all ages and experience levels are welcome. Black Ankle’s certified trainer and instructor Morgan Brown will pair you and your group to the right horse (or pony) based on your size and comfort level.

“Happy”, “Joker”, and “Moon” are super sweet, and any of these “Happy Horses” would love to take you on a ride. Whether you choose to gallop in one of the fields, or stroll lazily down a trail, you’ll have a good time at Black Ankle Farm and Equestrian Center. To find out more, call (479)-899-7741, or click here.

Ditch the Hotel, Wake up in a Historic Savannah Vacation Rental Home

For a new Savannah vacation experience, don’t stay in a hotel room. Wake up in a vacation rental home in one of Savannah’s iconic historic areas.

Savannah Dream Vacations has homes in all the best areas of the Savannah Landmark Historic District!

Stay on River Street in a Savannah vacation rental with balconies overlooking the river at the River Street Home.

Instead of a hotel room, choose a historic home built in 1872 in a PRIME location in downtown Savannah, that has a billiard room. Stay in the Stathopolous House.

For all the modern conveniences of new construction, The Chandler House vacation rental home is located a block from Savannah’s Forsyth Park.

For a nice mix of indoor and outdoor space, the Huntingdon House historic Savannah vacation rental home allows for dining in the trees on an elevated deck.

For a truly unique experience in Savannah, book your lodging with Savannah Dream Vacations. Your vacation rental will be part of your Savannah experience, and not just a place to store your bags and sleep. In addition to the above vacation rentals, we also have homes available directly on Forsyth Park, (Jepson or Hummel House) as well as on squares. (Gingerbread Cottage). We even have homes on Tybee Island, and Isle of Hope.

To find out more, book now, contact us, or call 912-713-7278. We can’t wait to show you the Savannah Dream Vacations difference!

We hope you enjoyed this list of 6 unique things to do in Savannah. Any of the items on this list will add to your next trip to Savannah, we hope you come to visit soon. Thanks for reading, and check back for more fun Savannah info!