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The Savannah Magazine Best of Party!


For those of you who don’t know, I was an Account Executive for Savannah Magazine for several years before finding my purpose in life as your Local Savannah Concierge. If there is one thing I learned from my time at the Magazine, it’s that THESE ladies know how to throw a party and that is why I Never Miss the Chance to attend the Annual Best of Savannah Bash! This was my 5th year Attending this Amazing event and I am so proud at how much it has blossomed since my first party in 2008.


Let’s reminisce, shall we? Way Back in 2009 the expected number of attendees at the Savannah Magazine Best of Party was so large that we had outgrown almost every venue in Savannah. Against all odds, the Little Account Executive that Could (that’s me!) suggested that we consider the Newly Opened Charles H. Morris Center at Trustee’s Garden, Although some people had their doubts, (and you know who you are) the event has been held at the Center ever since and it is the Perfect Location to host such a Soiree. This year’s Party had a record of over 1000 people in attendance. You go girls!


This Celebration has it all, Pizzazz, Food, Dancing and some of the most Beautiful People you have ever seen. This year the party had a Garden Style Jazz Age Theme created by ReThink Design Studio and the place looked terrific. (Funny how things have changed, I remember blowing up balloons for 4 hours when I worked at the Magazine for my first Best of Party) The 20s Style Atmosphere gave Savannah Locals the perfect opportunity to dress to the nines in their favorite Gatsby Costumes and of COURSE I had to join in on the fun. ( I NEVER miss a chance to dress up!) I was surrounded by a Sea of Fringe and Feathers and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE!

Now that Savannah Magazine Readers have had their say in choosing the 2013 Winners, its time for the Local Concierge to Name MY Top 5 Best of The Best of Savannah Party – Try saying THAT 3 Times Fast.

1.) The HIGHLIGHT of my night had to be when Courtney Buntin Victor, Owner of Glow MedSpa and Gorgeous Friend of mine, told me that my Eye Makeup was Perfect!!! THIS is the best compliment I have EVER Received. Not only does Courtney look like a super model she is the creator of one of the Most Amazing Beauty Boutiques I have ever visited. She also graced the Cover of Savannah Magazines Best Of Issue in 2009 and looked stunning. (Sorry Courtney I couldn’t resist!) Cudos to Courtney and her Glow MedSpa Team for winning the Best of Savannah Award for FIVE Years in a row in an Impressive 4 Best of Savannah Categories; Best Medical Spa (Was there ever a doubt?), Best Facials, Best Massage and Best Cosmetics. Visit Make an Appointment Today.


2.) It was one very Satisfying moment when I witnessed Health Food Advocate and Wound Care ClinicPresident/CEO, Paula Kreissler working her way through the line at the Leopold’s Ice Cream Stand. Even Paula can’t deny her craving for that Sinfully Delicious Ice Cream and who could blame her! Stratton Leopold and his team have taken home the award for Best Ice Cream for as Long as I can Remember and you will get no argument from me. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Stratton Leopoldsharing stories with Jack Flannigan, owner of Tybee’s Famous Crab Shack Restaurant and I couldn’t resist asking for this Pic. I’m literally standing amongst Savannah Royalty here – thanks for posing for this one guys and a quick Nod to The Crab Shack for taking home the Best Seafood Award….Again.. 🙂


3.) Coming in as the Number Three Highlight on my List was when I got a chance to catch up with my good friend ZIA Sachedina. Zia is the owner and master designer ofZIA Boutique and is a True Renaissance Men. He does it all; from designing jewelry and fashion accessories toInterior Design and Graphic Art – And he’s pretty darn easy on the eyes too! I must admit I was completely SHOCKED to hear that ZIA did not win this year’s Best of Award for Fashion Accessories – That is HIS category for goodness sake – he was robbed! What were you thinking Savannah Magazine Readers??? Oh well, I guess that the recent CNN Article featuring Zia’s Designs will have to be good enough for now. Make sure to Visit his website to take a look at his work


4.) I’ve been to enough Best of Savannah Parties to know NOT to come hungry. Usually I am all over the place trying to soak it all in and sometimes I forget to eat. However, I did make it a point to visit the Bar Food Table to get a taste of their delicious Dumplings. This was a stellar decision on my part because they were finger lickin’ good. Congratulations on winning the award for Best Appetizers, I concur.

5.) Rounding out my Top 5 List of the Best of the Best of Savannah was reliving old times with the Savannah Magazine Staffand my friends at the Savannah Morning News. It was so great to catch up with everyone and hear them tell me how great I looked – HA! I am really blessed to have been a part of this organization and I cherish the memories I have. My only regret is that GG COVER was not a part of the Celebration, but I understand she is still a funny reminder of Gift Guides of the Past! (Inside Joke for the Sav Mag Ladies.)


After the Party, my friend Cherese and I walked down the road a few blocks to my new favorite hangout The Bier Haus Restaurant, where they wereCelebrating Gnome Week by donning these funny hats with bells on them. I think they look regal! Of Course we had Pommes Fritas with the best Green Olive Dipping Sauce in the World. If you haven’t been here to eat, check out myBlog on the Gastropub and discover what you have been missing.

All in all it was a Fabulous Evening and I had a great time. Make sure to pick up the Latest Issue of Savannah Magazine to see the full list of winners and make sure to VOTE in the May/June 2014 issue for Next Years Winners!