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Savannah is the oldest city in the U.S. state of Georgia. Each year Savannah attracts millions of visitors to its Historic District or the 22 beautiful parklike squares. We want you to offer some of our popular restaurants, attractions and events to provide you along with your planing.

The Savannah Voice Festival Returns

Singing a Different Tune in the Hostess City

Savannah Voice Festival Blog Photo By Savannah Dream Vacations

The Savannah Voice Festival made its triumphant return to the Historic District this weekend, captivating audiences with One-of-a-Kind Vocal Performances and Engaging Operatic Productions that had the Hostess City singing to a Different Tune. Savannah Fans have been anxiously awaiting the homecoming of this Summertime Musical Celebration and its Opening Weekend raised the Bar as well as the Volume. The Festival’s Opening Event, Death By Aria I, debuted at the Westin Savannah Harbor to an audience of over 200 guests, an increase of more than 3x the amount of people in attendance at the Event in 2013.

Cano Headshot Savannah Voice Festival Recital Series

The Festival’s New Recital Series was unveiled on Saturday night with the Inaugural Cano Recital, featuring Opera Super-Star, Jennifer Cano and her world renowned pianist husband, Christopher Cano. This critically acclaimed recital of Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Vaughn Williams, Britten and other composers has been performed at Carnegie Hall and has been heralded as the “Favorite Recital of 2011” by the New York Times.

I was fortunate enough to attend this special event at Christ Church where Jennifer hypnotized the congregation with her hauntingly beautiful voice, singing a variety of 15th and 16th Century Folk Songs hailing from different regions around the word. It was a wonderful evening of song and piano music which quickly reminded me of why I fell in love with the Voice Festival in the first place.

Christ Church At Don Giovanni Opera Savannah Voice Festvial

My Savannah Voice Festival Experience brought me back to Christ Church on Sunday with the premier of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni,” the Festival Opera. This classic story gives the account of notorious philanderer, Don Juan, and how his immoral lifestyle eventually leads to his demise. Who knew that you could have so much fun at church?

Don Giovanni is known as one of the Greatest Operas ever written and I would have to agree. The dramatic plot has it all, Comedy, Seduction, Betrayal & Murder... and THAT was all just in the first 10 minutes! The All-Star cast gave an Overwhelmingly Incredible Performance, accompanied by a LIVE Chamber Orchestra featuring Pianist, Christopher Cano and Conductor, Andrew Bisantz.




Don Giovanni Premier Cast of Charachters at Savannah Voice Festial by Savannah Dream Vacations


Even though I don’t understand the language, I can feel the charachter’s emotions portrayed through the SOUND of the Music. Understanding the words becomes secondary because I can identify with each charachter and draw from my own experiences to imagine what they are saying. My favorite scene takes place in the Final Act when Don Giovanni is being drug to Hell. The powerful organ music completely transported me to another place and time and I left wanting more! #OPERAROCKS

This Weekend’s Opening was only the beginning of my Savannah Voice Festival Vacation and I am looking forward to the remaining time still ahead of me. This Operatunist intends to take full advantage of this exceptional Performing Arts Showcase while it is taking place in my backyard and I have a feeling that there is a great deal still in store for me. Did I mention that I love living in Savannah?!

Don Giovanni Premier at Savannah Voice Festival Christ ChurchSavannah Voice Festival Dream Vacations Package

If you missed this year’s Voice Festival, now is the time to make plans to Visit Savannah in 2015 to attend the 3rd Annual Event! Guests who take advantage of our Voice Festival Vacation Packages can live like a local and experience the charm and culture of the Historic District while staying within close walking distance to many of the Venues where the Performances take place. Don’t wait till the Fat Lady Sings…Email Us For More Information Today!